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Quadra Factory Restore SD Card

Quadra Factory Restore SD Card

This is a pre-flashed 16GB SD card with the current Quadra Firmware.

You can just insert it and run from the SD card with a monitor, or detach the monitor, power cycle, and it will automatically flash the Quadra firmware to the internal eMMC.

A great way to use this is to insert it with a monitor, configure the Quadra as you wish (such as setup your WiFi network, set your time zone, and customize HamClock with your settings).  Then when you have it the way you like, disconnect the monitor and power-cycle the Quadra and let it automatically flash the firmware WITH all your settings to internal eMMC memory.  Then remove the SD card and put it somewhere safe in case you ever need it again.

Doing it this way means you not only have a factory restore SD card ready to go, but one with all your settings, making future restores as easy!

(Note:  Brand may vary from image shown)

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