Meet Quadra: A $35 Complete Mini-PC for Amateur Radio (and more!)

Update: Now includes popular ham radio apps pre-installed. HamClock, WSJT-X, js8call, GridTracker, Pat (Winlink), and the flDigi suite are all ready to use out of the box, plus an installer to add more easily.

Not just a raw board, Quadra is a complete modern Linux computer that can be used as a server or light-use desktop. It includes the case, heatsink, power adapter and HDMI cable. Just plug into a TV or monitor and a keyboard/mouse. No SD card needed as the OS (Debian Bullseye 64-bit) is pre-flashed in internal memory. A great option instead of Raspberry Pi when you don't need the 40-pin I/O header or want something more affordable that doesn't require assembly.

Due to unprecedented demand from the YouTube video by Jim Heath (W6LG), we are out of stock of the HamClock Bundle and Quadra until mid-December. Sorry for the short delay! We will flash them with the latest firmware, test, and ship Priority Mail as fast as we can starting then. You'll receive an order confirmation now and another when it is on its way with tracking information. Orders for accessories only will ship quickly, usually same or next day.

  • Uses the lightweight XFCE desktop manager with Mac-like interface & dock. Works with HD and 4K displays and TVs. Supports wired and wireless keyboards and mice.

  • Browse

    Browse the internet: Firefox pre-installed.

  • Create

    Edit photos and images with Gimp, a powerful open source image editor, pre-installed.

  • Code

    Write your own software with your favorite IDE: Arduino, BlockPi, pyCharm, Sublime Text, VS Code, and more.

  • Communicate

    Chat with anyone through Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

  • Ham Radio

    An ideal computer for Ham Enthusiasts. Includes pre-installed Apps like WSJT-X, GridTracker, HamClock, JS8CALL, FlDigi, Pat Winlink and more!

  • Work

    Word processor and spreadsheet apps pre-installed, both with Microsoft Office compatibility.

  • Processor

  • Allwinner H6 quad-core A53 ARM v8 64-bit SoC, 1.7ghz

  • Memory

  • 2GB DRAM, 16GB eMMC (ROM)

  • Ethernet

  • 100mbit

  • WiFi

  • 2.4 Ghz 802.11n. 802.11ac with optional upgrade kit

  • Micro SD slot

  • Not needed for OS. Available for you to make backups or store data

  • USB Ports

  • 2 total (1x3.0, 1x2.0). Extend 2.0 ports to 4 with upgrade kit.

  • Bluetooth

  • No, but included with upgrade kit.

  • HDMI

  • 1 x standard HDMI, cable included. 1080p res for desktop.  Video typical 360p.

  • Power

  • 5v 2a USA power adapter included

  • Size (with enclosure)

  • 92mm x 92mm x 22mm tall
    3.62" x 3.62" x 0.86"

  • Heatsink

  • Included. But a fan is still recommended to help keep the quadra cool. See our stand accessory with space for a standard 40x40x10mm fan.

  • Enclosure

  • Included

  • Quadra / Raspberry PI

  • Board

  • $35 / $45+

  • Case

  • Included / $6

  • Heatsink

  • Included / $1

  • SD Card

  • Not Needed / $10 (required to run)

  • HDMI Cable

  • Included / $6

  • Power Adapter

  • Included / $5

  • Assembly

  • Done / Your Time

  • Total

  • $35 / $70+