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HamClock Bundle

HamClock Bundle

Due to unprecedented demand from the YouTube video by Jim Heath (W6LG), we are out of stock until mid-December.  Sorry for the short delay! We will flash them with the latest firmware, test, and ship your complete order including any accessories Priority Mail as fast as we can starting then.  Thank you for your patience!

Our Quadra PC bundle featuring the fantastic HamClock gives you everything you need to run HamClock (3.01) on a 1080p or higher resolution TV or monitor, including a small PC, keyboard/trackpad, HDMI cable, ham-friendly power adapter, and USB cable to allow powering from a TV or other USB port (requires 5v, 2a).  

On first boot, the PC (inovato Quadra) will ask if you want to startup HamClock on boot, and if you'd like it to run full screen (no black borders on the sides).  It will do all the configuration for you so no need to create or edit startup files, change resolutions, etc.

Our hamclock setup automatically enables HamClock's "Live Spots" feature so you can see where bands are currently active at your DE.  All you have to do is enter your callsign and location on first run and everything else will just work.

All our standard Ham software is also installed, so simply pressing ALT-F11 will take HamClock out of full screen mode so you can run other apps like WSJT-X, flDigi, JS8Call, GridTracker or Pat Winlink.  And our Ham apps installer is always ready to install more or update already installed apps.

* inovato is not affiliated with any of the ham software listed.  HamClock is a product of Elwood Downey, WB0OEW, Clear Sky Institute.

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