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AnyTone DMR radio, WPSD Hotspot & Quadra HamPC Bundle

AnyTone DMR radio, WPSD Hotspot & Quadra HamPC Bundle

We are pleased to now be able to offer a new take on a DMR handheld and HotSpot bundle using the inovato Quadra HamPC as an easy-to-use DMR programmer.

Features the popular AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus radio with Bluetooth, APRS RX/TX and new USB-C chargeable battery. Supports 500,000 DMR contacts (this is the full-feature version).

Includes the powerful but tiny Raspberry Pi Zero2Wh-based MMDVM quad-core hotspot to give you everything you need to get on the air.  Uses the newer WPSD firmware (same as BridgeCom).

Also includes our popular Quadra HamPC with QDMR pre-installed for a super-simple & intuitive way to configure your AnyTone radio codeplug (settings).  And when you aren't using it to program your radio, it is a beautiful gray-line clock featuring HamClock, a great addition to any shack!

Ready to use out of the box with our free codeplug pre-installed, plus:

  • Latest radio firmware from AnyTone, pre-installed
  • Brandmeister Talkgroups, pre-installed
  • User callsign database, pre-installed so contacts are identified by name, callsign and location, not just DMR ID.
  • GPS pre-enabled
  • Your Callsign (shown on boot screen)
  • Your First Name (shown on boot screen)
  • Your DMR ID
  • Hotkeys for disconnect, go to priority zone, zones list

Our pre-installed codeplug includes the following Zones: 

  • Favorites.  Your state, USA, North America, NETs, Worldwide, "Parrot" (for testing) and disconnect talkgroups.
  • TAC (chat) groups for the USA and Worldwide (places for longer conversations after you make a contact).
  • Top 50 Countries
  • All USA states
  • Simplex DMR channels (UHF and VHF for radio-to-radio contacts)
  • Analog simplex calling channels (UHF and VHF)
  • NOAA weather channels
  • APRS (with decode)
  • Personal IDs for semi-private conversations

Includes all accessories: MMDVM HotSpot in the beautiful C4 Labs wood & acrylic enclosure, Quadra HamClock bundle with mini-keyboard, radio & accessories: Antenna, Programming cable, Bluetooth PTT button, Charging cradle, power adapter, USB charging cable, AnyTone manual and our QuickStart card.

Just fill in the below information when ordering. We'll do all the rest so it is ready-to-go out of the box.  Note:  We are looking for your BrandMeister "Hotspot security password" not your BrandMeister login password. 

Usually ships in 1-2 days, including all programming above.

Preview docs here:  DMR radio, hotspot QuickStart

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